1. 2019_02_05 WORKING FOR FREE

    05 Feb 2019
    Almost a year ago I posted about Asking For Free Photography, and almost to the day I find myself writing about the topic again albeit from a slightly different angle. It was recently reported by the BBC that today one in seven workers is self employed with research showing 47% ‘giving…

  2. 2019_02_03 A DAY IN THE LIFE

    03 Feb 2019
    So here I am. It’s 2019 and time for something new. 2018 was my annus horribilis; clients behaving abominably, legal issues, contracts not renewed, you name it, it probably happened to me. However being negative does no one any favours, least of all a lone wolf freelancer without a pack…

  3. 2019_01_21 FEEDING THE DATA BEAST

    21 Jan 2019
    Last week saw more photographic features and trends on social that make me ever more fearful of data privacy. Individually they look harmless and logical but, as part of a growing picture, they seem to be yet another nail in the coffin of data privacy as we, Joe Public, hand…


    15 Jan 2019
    I was recently approached by an Executive Producer at Great British Business, a company who claim to support British SMEs and whose content is distributed by The Telegraph, Sky and Channel4. Here’s a breakdown of the correspondence and calls (I paraphrase some parts) Executive Producer (via LinkedIn): As I mentioned

  5. 2019_01_07 PHOTOGRAPHY COPYRIGHT 101

    07 Jan 2019
    A particular photographic story caught my eye at the end of last year, that of Salmeron vs Arch Enemy. Salmeron, a photographer and lawyer, was covering Fortarock, a metal festival in Nijmegen in the Netherlands and photographed a number of bands including Arch Enemy. The lead singer re-posted an image…

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