1. 2018_10_03 SPOTTING A BAD CLIENT

    Date 17 Dec 2018
    It is a simple equation; I work, I earn. And vice versa; I do not work, I do not earn. So in absolute terms, the more I work, the more I earn and the better my quality of life. However… this assumes all clients are equal and the effort put…

  2. 2018_09_03 DAVID GANDY X ASPINAL

    Date 17 Dec 2018
    In February this year I was asked to photograph the campaign photographs of David Gandy at Goodwood Aerodrome for his collaboration with British leather goods brand Aspinal. The shoot included a Spitfire fighter plane, which holds emotional value for me as my grandfather Denis Barnham was an RAF Fighter Ace and…


    Date 17 Dec 2018
    Two questions I’m regularly asked are how I became interested in photography and how I made the transition from the British Army to a photographer. My light hearted answers are that I’ve always loved photography and as a former Royal Artillery officer, it’s only natural that I shoot with Canon…


    Date 17 Dec 2018
    I’ve toyed with the idea of selling prints for a while, but never taken the plunge. Why not? I’ve got gigabytes of photographs stored and on a server, so how much effort would it be to offer them for sale?  I’ve rarely had to deal with printing during my career.…

  5. 2018_06_03 BANK HOLIDAY TEXTS

    Date 17 Dec 2018
    One of my first jobs as a photographer, back when I was seeing if I was good enough to be a professional, was to photograph some tourist destinations in London. Commissioned by an Australian firm, the majority of the brief were restaurants and the firm claimed it shouldn’t take me…

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