Date 13 Mar 2019
    It was recently remarked, by a younger family member of mine, how he felt his contemporaries were turning away from having their own websites and relying instead on social media, and in particular Instagram, to promote their work. While social media has benefits, solely relying on it, at the expense…

  2. 2019_03_04 KODAKIT T&Cs

    Date 04 Mar 2019
    Kodak, or Eastman Kodak Company to give the company it’s full title, has recently received negative press for a fully owned and funded subsidiary, Kodakit. Launched in January 2017, Kodakit is an online portal connecting photographers and clients around the world to address on demand services and to save client…


    Date 26 Feb 2019
    In the past few months, there has been an outcry in the industry in regards to photographic rights grabs from global companies looking to benefit from photographers and hobbyists alike. Both Apple and National Geographic have come under fire using photographic competitions as a means of circumventing common and legal…

  4. 2019_02_05 WORKING FOR FREE

    Date 05 Feb 2019
    Almost a year ago I posted about Asking For Free Photography, and almost to the day I find myself writing about the topic again albeit from a slightly different angle. It was recently reported by the BBC that today one in seven workers is self employed with research showing 47% ‘giving…

  5. 2019_02_03 A DAY IN THE LIFE

    Date 03 Feb 2019
    So here I am. It’s 2019 and time for something new. 2018 was my annus horribilis; clients behaving abominably, legal issues, contracts not renewed, you name it, it probably happened to me. However being negative does no one any favours, least of all a lone wolf freelancer without a pack…

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