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I'm a portrait and editorial photographer, based in London, UK.

Born in Hong Kong to a Chinese mum and British dad, I had an international upbringing living in Hong Kong, China, Japan and Saudi Arabia while attending school in England and university in Scotland.

I started photography as a hobby while serving as an officer in the British Army, always carrying a camera alongside with my rifle, be it on exercise such as the jungles of Belize and the plains of Kenya or operational tours of Iraq, Cyprus and Afghanistan.

After leaving the British Army I turned my passion into a career and became immersed in London's sartorial scene. For a decade I have taken portraits of the best of British heritage, craft and bespoke alongside luxury editorial assignments and am now focusing my camera on portraiture.

I'm a keen fan of rugby union and have recently started Portraits Of Pride to help support gay and inclusive rugby through portraiture.


My photographic breakthrough occurred while spending a month in the jungle limited to taking just one memory card and two batteries. Without the means to clear the card or recharge the batteries every shot was vital, the camera turned on only if certain of an image and no power wasted reviewing images already taken; film discipline in a digital era.

Trained by the British Army to observe patterns of life to identify and assess risk I also used his background and language skills (Mandarin Chinese, French and Farsi) to engage with people of all backgrounds and nationalities and gather information. I am now refocusing these observational and inter-personal skills in order to connect with his subjects and create meaningful portraiture.

As a former Artillery Officer it's only fitting I shoot with Canon. 

I am also a keen advocate of, and Blog regularly about, what I call the 'Business of Photography' (experience, skills, copyright and usage) to help educate and inform clients and other photographers alike about what happens before and after the shutter is pressed.

Work with Me

I am organised and thorough in my planning and preparation and deliberate in my actions to achieve his clean and precise images. As a perfectionist I prefer to take my time and work calmly and methodically while being as efficient as possible.

If you have an upcoming project or question about the photography industry, please send it my way.

Get in touch with me using his contact form or via email, a@andybarnham.com, to discuss consulting, rates, scheduling and more.

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