Testimonials - Andy Barnham

Anderson & Sheppard

Savile Row tailors since 1906

"We have been working with Andy for a few years and he was instrumental in helping us to start our blog 'The Notebook'. Andy has an eye and an understanding for our craft and was able to capture the perfect image for each post."

Hugo Jacomet

Parisian Gentleman, the French voice of sartorial excellence

"In these glorious Instagram days where billions of pictures are taken and shared every day, artists like Andy Barnham are, paradoxically, becoming very rare and thus quite easily noticeable in the crowd with their impeccable mastering of classical photography basics and, of course, their impeccable sense of light.

As a peripatetic writer, editor, curator, producer and lecturer in the field of men's style renaissance, I personally know a lot of photographers in the very specific and highly demanding field of high end men's style craftsmanship.

Andy is one of the very best in this field probably simply because the way he's looking at his subjects is always sincere, which is a rare quality in this often glossy and shiny area. This is also probably why Savile Row has been one of his favorite playgrounds which he knows like his flap pocket…

Charles Baudelaire once wrote that "being modern consists in capturing the eternal into the transitory". This remarkable and insightful thought is a rather good description of Andy's Barnham work in my field where "timeless" is the key word."

Eric Musgrave

Editorial Director, Drapers and author of Sharp Suits

"I have enjoyed many an editorial adventure with Andy Barnham, who is very good company to be with and to work with. Perhaps more importantly, Andy is a very creative photographer on whom I can rely completely. He understands the brief and delivers the goods. That’s all I ask."

James Sherwood

Author The Perfect Gentleman: The Pursuit of Timeless Elegance in London (Thames & Hudson)

"Thames & Hudson books are exceptional because of the high quality of images and the excellence of art direction. For The Perfect Gentleman - a book celebrating London's historic makers of gentlemen's requisites - the vision of a single principal photographer was vital and I was fortunate to have the chance to work with Andy Barnham. Despite being what I consider to be the best in his field, Andy is an incredibly low-key, low-maintenance photographer. He has an artist's sensibility somewhat hidden by a soldier's pragmatism and efficiency. The best results are achieved with a minimum of fuss, lighting, assistants and ego. I think Andy's work in The Perfect Gentleman forms a rich seam of photographs that holds the book together. Without him I do not think the book would have had the critical and commercial success it has enjoyed since publication in 2012". 

- Principle photographer


Maison Corthay, Bespoke and Ready To Wear shoes

"Andy Barnham, one of the most talented photographers of his generation - he has taken pictures of all things fashion, luxury, style as well as the Corthay Excellence Run of 2011 - was in Paris last week to shoot the Manufacture, the bespoke Atelier, Pierre and the team."

Café Gourmand

A little French bistro in the heart of Soho…

"Andy Barnham a commercial and editorial London based photographer was recommended to us and carried out a photoshoot on site at our restaurant, Café Gourmand, in Soho. The result was outstanding! Andy was extremely organised, professional and skilled. We required shots of the premises and our most popular dishes we serve. The images Andy took were above and beyond our expectations! Somehow Andy had managed to capture the whole atmosphere and essence of Café Gourmand within his photos. Andy Barnham is a fantastic photographer, a genuinely great guy and his work is of the highest quality. Our highest recommendation!"

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