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Portraits of Pride XV 19/20 Guidelines

1. Please click on your favourite portraits to bring the image to full screen. A set of icons will then appear on the left hand side (on an iPhone these icons may be underneath the image), including a comment icon. Please click the comment button and login using one of the methods provided (*required to avoid multiple entries). When you click the comment box a star rating will appear will appear underneath. Please leave a star rating but note a comment is required in order to leave a star rating. Should you prefer not to comment, please simply enter PoP.

2. All stars will be counted and a Portraits of Pride XV gallery for the 19/ 20 season will be assembled according to position and the image receiving most stars will also be nominated Captain. eg the hooker with the most stars will be included as No2.

3. Only teams photographed thus far for Portraits of Pride have been included.

4. The number of players shortlisted is proportional to the number of players photographed per club; ie 29 Manchester Villages Spartans photographed means a presence of 5 in this short list.

5. The breakdown of the XV per position, with the number per position offered for selection in brackets afterwards, with a total of 42 players shortlisted is as follows; 

eg Props: x2 (6) means two props will be selected from a selection of six available.

a. Prop; x2 (6)

b. Hooker: x1 (4)

c. 2nd Row: x2 (7)

d. Back Row: x3 (7)

e. Scrum Half: x1 (3)

f. Fly Half: x1 (3)

g. Centres: x2 (6)

h. Back Three: x3 (6)

6. Voting will finish at midnight on 23rd July 2020. The selected XV will be shown in number order (15- 9, 1-8) from 24th July 2020. In case of a draw, the portraits will be published in the form of a 24hr poll on my FB account (@AndyBarnham); most votes wins.

7. The shortlisted images were images I believed to be the strongest portraits taken during 19/20. 

8. As the first club photographed, and indeed only club to be photographed during the 18/ 19 season, the Manchester Village Spartans have been included.

9. Images are laid out in chronological order.

10. Captions and time frames are based on notes made during the respective portrait sessions and written to the best of my knowledge. Should there be any errors, subjects are requested to contact me ( to correct them.

11. These images are available to be purchased via digital download. If you would like a print, please contact me ( for details.

12. These instructions are based on Apple iPhones and MacBooks. Gallery appearance and icon layout may be different on different platforms and devices.

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